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加热 在室内茁壮成长


金字塔加热 and 冷却 is happy to announce our Partnership with 珍珠认证, a national firm that qualifies an elite network of professionals who certify high-performing homes. We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our work - and being part of the top 5% of contractors in the country who qualify for Pearl is one of the many ways we deliver for our customers. When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing your home is in great hands.

波特兰供热服务公司 & 产品


The good news is that today’s furnaces are more efficient than ever and replacing an older furnace with a more energy-efficient model could more than pay for itself over time in lower fuel costs.

作为承运人工厂授权经销商,千亿体育娱乐平台 offers a wide variety of systems to fit your comfort needs including:

如果您需要暖气维护或维修方面的帮助, our expert 波特兰 and 弯曲 heating technicians can also help. We service all makes and models, ensuring a job done right every time.

呼叫 (503) 783-8488 or 千亿体育娱乐 online to receive a free estimate on your new installation, 维护, 修复, 或者其他波特兰供暖系统!


炉膛尺寸问题. If your furnace is too small, it won’t keep your house comfortable during cold weather. 如果它太大, it will cycle on and off more frequently which can cause wear and tear on the components, 浪费能源, 并可能导致不舒服的温度变化.

Pyramid will take the time to properly size and calculate your home heating needs and install your equipment properly taking no shortcuts. 过. Common reasons for service calls can be related to inadequate 维护 and improper installation more often than defective equipment.


Thinking of installing or pairing a heat pump with a high-efficiency furnace? 你可能会对它的里程数感到惊讶, 更不用说节省成本的效率了, 你会在春天从热泵中得到, 秋天, 冬天的月份. A heat pump runs on electricity and draws heat from the external air or from the ground, 将暖空气转化为冷空气, 反之亦然.


Ductless mini split-systems have numerous potential applications for your home, 房间里添加, 冷热房间, 地下室, 或者小公寓, 在无法扩展或安装管道系统的地方.

因为小裂口没有管道, they avoid the energy losses associated with ductwork of central forced air systems. Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption. Mini splits can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush into a drop ceiling, or hung on a wall.


1. 24/7服务 - We know that furnaces and heaters don't wait for business hours to break down. Because of that we offer 24/7 emergency heating services in 波特兰 and the surrounding areas so that you can rest assured that we'll always be in to help you no matter what time or day it is.

2. 获得批准的信贷的融资选择 - We want our 波特兰 heating services to be as financially attainable as possible for all those that need us. Click here to check out our 获得批准的信贷的融资选择 to help you get the heating services you need now while paying overtime.

3. 优惠券 -谁不喜欢这个省钱的机会呢? 一定要 double-check that you can't save any off our heating services by 在这里查看我们的特价和优惠券.

4. 评论 - Having provided 波特兰 heating services for as long as we have, 我们收集了很多好评. 一定要 点击这里浏览我们的评论 and give us a call to find out why our customers love us so much today.

5. 博客 - The main objective of our blog is to keep you and the entire market up to date on the latest news and hottest trends in the industry. We know that informed consumers make the wisest decisions so make sure to see why we're the industry's though leader here.

在波特兰,本德值得信赖的供暖解决方案 & 周边社区

Let our expert comfort consultants help you determine which option best suits your needs. 我们总是考虑到你家的大小, 首选燃料类型, 关注空气质素, 预算, 和更多的. We then schedule the most convenient appointment time for proper installation. 了解更多千亿体育娱乐的Carrier加热系统下面.


What Are The Benefits of Impoving Your 千亿体育娱乐平台 加热 System?

如果你发现自己经常支付高额的取暖费, it may be time to assess the efficiency of your current heating system. 我们金字塔供热公司的团队 & 冷却 can help you maximize your home heating efficiency to save money and improve comfort.

Benefits of maximizing your home heating efficiency include:

  • 更低的能源成本
  • 减少对环境的影响
  • 改善室内空气质素
  • 增强舒适度和保暖性
  • 延长供暖系统的使用寿命

您是否需要全面的炉具服务, 热泵安装, 或无管道迷你分体式维修, our experienced technicians can provide the trusted heating solutions you need in 波特兰, 弯曲, 以及周围的社区. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get comfortable and save on your heating costs!


What are the benefits of upgrading to a more energy-efficient furnace?

Upgrading to a more energy-efficient furnace can result in lower fuel costs, 改善室内舒适度, 减少碳足迹, 并可能增加房屋价值.


是的, we offer ductless mini-split systems as part of our heating solutions, providing efficient and customizable heating options for homes without ductwork.

Do you offer financing options for new heating installations?

是的, we offer financing options to help make new heating installations more affordable. Our team can discuss the available financing plans with you.

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